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I get so tired of always having to edit (and REMEMBER to edit) the HTML Title tag in pages created when producing Flash output, since I want MY subject as the title, not "Created by Camtasia Studio".


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    Unsubscribed User

    At the same time I would also like to be able to default the phrase "This Camtasia video requires javascrip.." I usually change the word "Camtasia" to my company name or something similar.

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    Unsubscribed User

    I do agree with larry.dimitri's idea re the "This Camtasia video requires JavaScript...", which I have often edited to remove the "Camtasia", but I'm going to take up Larry's idea and use the company name.

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    Unsubscribed User

    you can easily change the HTML title tag property if you use Camtasia Theater utility to spiff up the flash production

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    nshears ( Idea Submitter )

    Bob's right about using Camtasia Theater to edit the title tag, but since I don't normally need to use it that would be adding far more delay and effort.

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    Unsubscribed User

    You can also edit the templates so that you don't have to edit the final HTML -- you have to edit them after each version update, but that's much less hassle than editing the final html every time...

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    nshears ( Idea Submitter )

    How do I edit the templates?

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