Ogg support

Please support the Ogg container format as audio/video output in the production menu.

Firefox 3.5 plays Ogg natively, and Ogg support in Google Chrome and Opera is coming.


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    Community Member

    Yes, please support it!

    There are Ogg encoders/decoders under the GNU licence, so you can use them in your commercial software.

    Just because Camtasia is closed source, you shouldn't use only proprietary things.

    Firefox and Chrome play Ogg natively! What's better than a browser playing a video/audio file without any plugin?

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    Community Member

    For those of us who produce video to be viewed on the web, we are always looking for ways to serve up our video. The html5 video tag is promising. The video tag allows the web developer to specify multiple source files. A browser that supports the video tag will play the first source file it supports and will ignore the rest.

    While FireFox does support the video tag, it only supports the .ogg (ogg/Theora) file format within the video tag at this time. It does not support .mp4. While I do code a html5 fallback, it would be appreciated if Camtasia Studio add the .ogg file format to its list of formats it can produce from a Camtasia project.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    p.s. While many people consider .ogv and .ogg the same, FireFox is looking for the file extension .ogg in the video tag and (currently) will not play the .ogv format.

    p.p.s Regarding the WebM comment, there will never be one standard. While WebM is being supported in some browser beta versions, .ogg is already supported in FireFox and Chrome and Opera.

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