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During multi-track editing with a music bed and voice-over, it is necessary sometimes to mute the music bed or the vo track in order to do video/audio alignment tasks. You dont always want to hear the whole mix when doing these.

It just needs a simple 'Mute' button on the track head at left in order to accomplish this.


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    That might also work as a help for a case where I'm re-recording a narration and want to keep the clipped, edited one with the new one to compare them. Currently I move it to different audio track and move it elsewhere to be able to keep it away but having it on the same place under that would work better as I could just switch it muted/unmuted.

    One option would be to have clip-specific mute in addition to that.

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    Hi, I just noticed that you can select an area by dragging the flags and just above the timeline tracks there are audio options for fade in/out, insert silence, etc. This is sort of a work around for muting the video. You have to add the music (or audio 2 idea) again because it will get silenced also.

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    I strongly second the ideas from Steve and Lauri. It can be distracting trying to lay the voice-over track when a secondary track is not yet in sync with what you are currently speaking about.

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