Multi layer video (with overlapping & alpha transparency)

Show multiple video's at the same time. With overlapping & alpha transparency like in Adobe After Effects.


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  1. Comment
    Jim Dean

    Video codecs being shown at the same time could be different - ie one a TSCC, another an MPEG4

  2. Comment

    It would be great to have such a feature

  3. Comment
    Tristan Ward

    Multiple video layers would be a great improvement.

    What I would like to see is the ability to import Flash animations and be able to have them play over the top of the video in a separate video layer.

    Flash animations are a fantastic way to teach complicated concepts, and the only way to bring them into Camtasia currently is by outputting them in a video format, and splicing them in-between screen captures, which is far from ideal.

  4. Comment
    Lon Naylor

    At least one additional video track that supports transparency would eliminate my need to use Sony Vegas...

    Hope this makes an appearance soon. Thanks

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