Move the Callouts with the Zooms

"I'd like the callouts to zoom and pan along with video zooming and panning. Example: I can't blur out a password while page is scrolling." This idea was submitted on behalf of a customer. - Troy


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  1. Comment
    Jim Dean

    This would be very useful, IF the user has control over whether or not it occurs. Sometimes I would not want a callout's size to increase, when zooming in to an area it overlays.

  2. Comment
    Unsubscribed User

    Also, callouts should move and transform when Tilt is applied.

  3. Comment
    Stuart McGarrity

    Yes, a check box in the callouts properties which said "follow zoom and pan effects" would be nice. Another option may be to have a positioning radio button: something like "position callout relative to original video" or "relative to published window".

  4. Comment
    Community Member

    I would like to have callouts which can be synchronized with a scrolling video content by using keyframes.

  5. Comment
    Community Member

    If this is done, I do not want it to be the default behavior. I still prefer the callout to stay in its relative position in the zoom and not change physical size. Thank you.

  6. Comment
    Stuart McGarrity

    That would make sense (previous post). Particularly for compatibility reasons. I often use callouts to patch mistakes. Its mainly for those reason where this behaviour is appropriate.


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