Make callouts span multiple video clips / images

Please allow callouts to have the ability to span multiple video clips / multiple images / multiple titles.

It's a pain having to copy and paste the same callout over and over again when all you want to do is extend the length so it spans multiple sections.


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    i find it hard to believe that after so many generations of CS, that Techsmith haven't sone this. I am very disappointed with their efforts, especially since CS is one of the most expensive solutions out there.

    Come on devs, get your act together.

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    Camtasia is a good software, and if we were on version 1 or 2 I'd think all is still well. But we are on version 7 and you still can't do this.. Im sure the programmers at camtasia can pull this off, obviously management is holding back the progress here. I have to stick callouts in my videos that span the majority of the length (but cannot be watermarks) and I am having to copy/paste these callouts 40 - 50 times on the timeline.. this is a very frustrating experience, and it becomes much worse if you later need to edit the contents of the callout. Im used to camtasia and happy with most other stuff, but I'll be willing to switch to BBFlashback if our next trial of their software shows promise

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    Jim Dean

    It is VERY VERY inconvenient to add callouts after doing splits. If a lot of splits are present, the only workaround is to produce the section then add the callout. This can create major delays in workflow. PLEASE implement this soon!

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