Magnifying Glass Callout with Zoom

I ran across this capability with someone elses screen video.

It looks like this cannot be done in CS yet but maybe we should request they add it.

Check out the vimeo


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    Unsubscribed User

    Yes, that was done with ScreenFlow. It's a Mac-only program. I wish Camtasia Studio could do some of the things ScreenFlow can.

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    Unsubscribed User

    It would be even better if we could have not only a circle, but a rectangle or a "size/shape your own". I'd take a circle focus like that though.

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    Yes. This would be a great help for tutoring videos where you need to explain a small detail in a GUI.

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    Very nice and useful.

    I also noticed the screen scrolling was smoother than in Camtasia.

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