Change clip (or clip portion) speed without producing the video

I need an easy way to speed up a portion of a recorded clip. I recorded myself performing a long, intricate task, and wanted to display it in fast-forward while I gave a voiceover summarizing what I was doing. But there's no way to speed up or slow down a clip without rendering/producing it!

My workflow is to record my actions onscreen, then record a voiceover later. However, if the recording takes longer to do something than it takes me to explain it, I'd like to speed up the video to match my narration. But there's just no way to do that.

I was surprised and disappointed when dragging a clip shorter cropped the clip instead of adjusted its speed.


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    Jim Dean

    This would be useful, as posted, but one additional feature would make it much more so, IMHO ...

    If the clip could be separately edited so that the user could easily select which portions of it should speed up, and how much, and which portions of it should slow down, so the viewers don't miss the critical action, it would be REALLY COOL.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    This is a feature I'm struggling because of not having at the moment. I was planning to do tutorial videos just like defined by the Beandog above but realized having no chance with it as the workflow with several separate videoclips that I iterate a lot would have become a nightmare.

    Jim Dean: Splitting might work as a work-around.(?)

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