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It's great that Camtasia spits out a HTML page and all the supporting files, etc...but how many times do you just use that HTML page to display your video?

I hardly EVER do...I embed videos on webpages!

Right now, you have to copy / paste script code...object code...check paths...oye vay what a pain.

In fact, it's so unreliable and easy to make a time consuming mistake that I just use an IFRAME and point to the HTML and supporting files in a directory.

Can the action of embedding a video in an external page be automated, integrated, simplified or anything?


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    Jim Baker

    I have to agree with you Lon. Perhaps they could select 2 or three popular FREE players and spit out the swfobject code to create that player. - Jim

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    I also agree, it would be great to have a few plugins for some of the popular sites / aps such as one for Word Press as an example.

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