Apply audio enhancements to 1 track

"Right now I can't remove noise from my voice track without messing up my music. I'd like to apply it to only one track." This idea was submitted on behalf of a customer. - Troy


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  1. Comment

    If you lock a line and then apply a change, does it apply to the locked line?

  2. Comment
    Stuart McGarrity

    I agree. Could you not just make track locking work when you apply audio enhancements? It would require no UI changes.

  3. Comment
    Unsubscribed User

    wording is awkward usefuleness also has to do with normalizing soundlevels of your voice

  4. Comment
    Unsubscribed User

    Definetly worth a mention. I frequently have a problem that when I record the audio in for example two different clips, the level-differences between the two audio clips mess up a bit the audio enchancements across the whole timeline. (This is connected to the level difference problem between recording audio while recording a video versus recording narration inside Camtasia studio, have to check if there's an issue about that already. I always need to tweak the volume level back and forth between these.)

  5. Comment
    Stuart McGarrity

    Hi Lauri, I recommmend you report separately your second issue with sound levels being different between Camtasia Recorder and voice narration in Camtasia Studio. I have the same problem all the time. I have to use an external program (sound record or audacity) to record voice narration and bring it back in as wav clips. I reported it to Techsmith. The support engineer agreed they could hear the difference in sound but couldn't find a solution. Perhas with more reports they wil look again. I see it in 5.1 and I saw it in 6.0.


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    Unsubscribed User

    Absolutely needed. Similarly, when your program contains audio recorded at different times, you often need to equalize the levels. But like noise reduction, it applies to all tracks. If you have a music background, or lead in, it equalizes it with the narration and competes with it. This and all enhancements should apply to unlocked tracks only

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