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"I'd like to have a callout fly-in or animate across the screen some how or pulse in and out or have a bouncing arrow." This idea was submitted on behalf of a customer. - Troy


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    Jim Dean

    I think the degree of translucency of the callout should be part of this ... ie a gradual "fade in" of the callout during the animation process. Start/final translucency spec'd by user.

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    Unsubscribed User

    Animation would be useful in many ways: in titles, as simple cartoons that point to features of the video, as a way to add an artificial mouse pointer during editing, etc.

  3. Comment

    This might be an useful feature. Although you need to be careful not to overdo it. (You don't need a "lovely cuddlebear dancing"-preset)

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    Community Member

    I totally agree and am looking for the same thing. Animations like one can do in MS PowerPoint would be very helpful. Any news / solutions on that yet?

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