Add bullets and other effects to text in callouts.

When adding text to any type of callout, I'd like to be able to do more formatting to the text.

For instance, I'd like to add bullets (and control bullet indent spacing, and text indent spacing), and wrap at the indent point.

Right now, I have to use a dash (-) as a bullet in my text.


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    I agree, especially re indent and word wrap. As a bullet I use a symbol I'd inserted in a Word doc and copied. Now I just copy a suitable callout from a previous project, and then recopy it in the current one.

    I'd really like in the text editor to be able to do the usual editing thing of ALT and the 4 digit numeric code to get the character of my choice. Good for copyright symbols etc.

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    While even Camtasia Stuio 6 doesn't offer an icon to add bullets, you may easily add them in Callout text using a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+L. Press the combination repeatedly to cycle through different list effects.

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