64-bit version

64-bit version of Camtasia for better performance and resource (memory) utilization


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  1. Comment

    Are there that many 64-bit OS machines that would install Camtasia?

  2. Comment
    tobassam ( Idea Submitter )

    All CPUs produced since a number of years now are 64-bit. 64-bit OS/drivers/apps are becoming mainstream and 64-bit systems are therefore very feasible today as many app and driver developers taking head of Microsoft's OS roadmap.

    Hard core media developers and gamers are already using 64-bit systems exclusively for the ability to access memory above 4 GB alone. Keep in mind you can still run 32-bit apps, but only 64-bit apps will utilize the full abilities of a 64-bit system.

  3. Comment

    Our market assessment was that the 64-bit OS has not yet arrived (even though we produce some 64-bit products); I don't know what TechSmith's assessment will be.

  4. Comment
    tobassam ( Idea Submitter )

    Windows Xp, Vista, and Windows 7 are all mainstream OSes with 64-bit versions. Many OEMs are already starting to ship selected PCs with 64-bit versions of Vista pre-installed. The phase-out of 32-bit is in fact ready to begin.

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